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Why Patients Need A Medical Cannabis Dispensary In South Bay

There are many ramifications from the government crackdown on narcotic pain medicine. For example, there is an increase in the use of medical marijuana. Those who suffer from chronic illnesses need something to help them with pain and other symptoms.

What Is Medical Marijuana?

Scientists discovered that cannabis eases nausea and vomiting that occur with chemotherapy. In addition, those with chronic pain and seizures show improvement with medical marijuana. Further, it improves the appetite of HIV/AIDS patients.

So far, medical marijuana is legal in 29 states. Additionally, it is legal in Puerto Rico, Guam and the District Of Columbia. Most patients get help at a place like the Medical Cannabis Dispensary in South Bay.

How To Get Started

Those who are interested need to find a doctor who writes cannabis prescriptions. Unfortunately, not all physicians participate. Once a prescription is obtained, the patient has to apply for a marijuana i.d. card. Each state has a different application but they ask for the same basic information.

They want to know the patient’s name, address and telephone number. Moreover, the state wants to see documentation of the patient’s illness. That is because medical marijuana is only allowed for those with certain illnesses. Most states charge a fee of $150-$200 for a marijuana i.d. card.

Ways To Get The Prescription Filled

Patients have a choice to use a caregiver or a Medical Cannabis Dispensary in South Bay. Patients get their prescription filled by a person designated as a caregiver under one system. Caregivers grow marijuana and dispense it to patients. However, caregivers are limited to a certain number of patients.

In some states, caregivers are responsible for monitoring patients. On the other hand, dispensaries are businesses that sell medical marijuana. Only those with valid marijuana i.d. cards are allowed to make purchases.

Different Strains Of Cannabis

There are two main strains of cannabis, indica and sativa. Patients should ask their physician which strain is best for their condition. Medical marijuana can be smoked, vaped and eaten. Some prefer a pipe for smoking while others roll a joint.

Vaporizers are available that are convenient for patients. They are able to vape cannabis oil and the process does not created odor or smoke. Edibles are available in cookie, brownie and candy forms. For more information, visit the Barbary Coast Collective.

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