Why a Critical Care Flight Nurse Is Essential on Long-Distance Patient Transfers

by | Nov 2, 2019 | Health

The drone of the engines never changes but you are close to a thunderstorm over the mid-Atlantic. Nothing below except the ocean. Nothing above except the sky. The plane shudders as it passes through turbulence. Your patient is anxious but you remain calm and reassuring. You are a critical care flight nurse and this is your element. You can handle this.

Flight Nurses

Transferring a patient across long distances is stressful. Even when the patient is stable and comfortable, the flight nurse has to be not only competent but resourceful and unflappable. The flight may cross several countries or oceans and he or she will be in charge until they land. That nurse has to keep a cool head and be able to respond quickly and calmly to any problems that arise.

Trained Experts

Critical care flight nurses are highly trained. They usually have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with extensive experience in critical care and emergency medicine. They are also trained in flight physiology. Many flight nurses are part of emergency evacuation teams, stabilizing trauma patients in flight to a trauma center. Others transfer patients from one facility to another to reach a higher level of care or to get those patients home. Sometimes the flight is within the same city but at other times, they may need to cross international borders.

International Transport

When you need an international transport, you also need a skilled team, led by a critical care flight nurse. Long-distance flights generally handle patients with neurological disorders, mobility problems, pulmonary disease, heart conditions, recent orthopedic trauma, dementia and behavioral disabilities.

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