When To Get An Audiometric Hearing Testing in Lancaster PA

by | Jun 22, 2016 | Health

With so much to do in a day it can be easy to put your hearing health on the back burner. However, there are times when you definitely need an audiometric hearing testing in Lancaster, PA and elsewhere. Here’s how to know for sure.

If Everyone Suddenly Seems to be Mumbling

If you are suddenly or gradually realizing that everyone you meet mumbles that is usually the sign that you need an audiometric hearing testing in Lancaster, PA and elsewhere. Constantly asking people to repeat themselves strains even the best of friendships. It really annoys people you have to work with every day. Children and women are particularly hard to understand since their voices are much higher than a man’s.

Everyone Tells You To Turn It Down

Jacking the volume up on television, phones, radios or stereos to the point where you are getting constant complaints about the noise is a flashing red neon sign that you need a hearing test. Being bombarded by very loud noise will only make your hearing worse and can be a security risk — especially when you drive.

You Hear Sounds No One Else Does

Is it hard to hear the television or what anyone is saying because of all the noise in your ears? Buzzing, ringing, or a persistent tone like that of a phone left off the hook are signs of tinnitus. This noise often does not go away even when you try to sleep. The sooner you get a hearing test, the sooner the annoying tinnitus can be treated.

Suddenly the World Has Gotten Quieter

If you are not hearing the sounds you normally hear every day like birds singing, car doors slamming when the neighbors come home, traffic or anything else, pay close attention. If the world has indeed gone quiet then you need a hearing test.

In Summary
People of all ages can suffer from hearing loss – not just senior citizens. Many causes of hearing loss can be treated. The first step to treatment is to get a hearing test. If you have questions about if you need a hearing test that have not been covered here, please contact Lancaster ENT.

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