What You Should Know About Bursitis

by | Sep 3, 2019 | Physical Therapy

Your body’s joints need protection in the form of fluid-filled sacs called bursae, which help facilitate movement. Without bursae, your bones would rub against each other and wear down. Unfortunately, these fluid sacs can sometimes become inflamed. If this happens around your knees, this painful condition is called bursitis. If you are experiencing knee pain in Hoffman Estates, read on to learn more.


Bursae are located at all the major joints: knees, elbows, hips and shoulders. They are positioned between the bones and the ligaments and tendons that join the bones and muscles. Bursae allow these parts of the body to move freely without rubbing against each other, reducing friction and easing movement.


Inflammation can happen anywhere, particularly at the joints. You may be experiencing pain due to inflamed bursae above the kneecap and inside the knee, which can limit your range of motion and inhibit mobility.


Knee bursitis is caused by pressure on the bursae either from repetitive minor impacts or a sudden, more severe one. Common causes can include excessive walking, strenuous activities such as working out and playing sports, or kneeling on hard surfaces for an extended period of time.


Knee pain is one of the main symptoms of bursitis. For example, the slightest pressure on the knee, such as turning over while asleep, causes you pain. Tenderness, swelling, and the inability to put weight on the knee are other symptoms.


Anti-inflammatory drugs can reduce swelling to help lessen pain. Antibiotics will be prescribed if there is a bacterial infection in the bursae, along with physical therapy to strengthen the muscles and increase flexibility around the knee joint.

Knee braces are also typically recommended for support during movement or kneeling, and compression sleeves can help keep the swelling down. It usually takes four to six weeks for knee bursitis to heal using these treatments.

If you are experiencing knee pain in Hoffman Estates, visit Gitelis Orthopedics to learn more about how to treat and manage your condition.

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