What You Need to Know About Your Speech Therapist in Salt Lake City, Utah

by | Jan 25, 2017 | Health

As a child grows and begins to speak his or her first words, it is adorable to hear him or her work hard to pronounce words that adults take for granted. This type of speech, called baby talk, is outgrown by most children between the ages of two and eight, but some disorders stick around and cause problems. In addition, there are many speech disorders that are completely outside the normal baby talk range that you can spot early on, such as an inability to form certain sounds at all. A speech therapist should be your first priority when you feel that your child is beginning to develop a speech disorder because children are most capable of learning new things when they are that age. The right professional will work with your child to find a solution that is best for him or her and that leads to an adult with no speech issues.

Articulation Skills

Articulation is the physical ability to move the tongue, lips, jaw, and palate to produce the individual speech sounds called phonemes. For example, you have to use your lips to make the /b/ sound. It is time to call for the help of a speech therapist in Salt Lake City, Utah when it becomes clear that your child is having difficulty articulating and cannot perform the necessary sounds of speech. Browse site to learn more about the therapy options available and how you can book a consultation with your therapist to get your child on the road to success.


Intelligibility refers to how well a person can understand your child’s speech. If a child’s articulation skills are compromised for any reason, his or her intelligibility will be decreased compared to other children his or her age. A speech therapist can work with your child to find solutions to this issue and help him or her produce the specific speech sounds or sound pattern that he or she is showing difficulty mastering.

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