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What You Need to Know about Ion Beam Deposition

As years pass by, technology is getting more advanced. There is a thing called the ion beam,  and it is widely used in industries such as manufacturers of electronics. In 1960, it started to be used as it was developed by NASA.

How is the Ion Beam Used?

Ion beam deposition is the process of etching at material using an ion beam and is often used for etching film. This is especially used for thin coated films used in electronics. The equipment has a beam with ions that are positively charged. The etching is done in a high vacuum system which enables the beam to make flawless etching into the surface it touches.

Types of Ion Beam Equipment

Ion beams are not just for deposition, but they are also used as in different machines and purposes. For example, it could be an ion beam pre-cleaning (IBPC), ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD), ion beam milling (IBE), ion beam sputter deposition (IBSD), or direct ion beam deposition (DD). Each method has its different uses depending on the product and the results desired.


Through the use of this equipment, it allows the energy and ions to be controlled independently. The benefits also include that it the whole process of the etching could be done in an environment that requires lower pressure, it reduces the amount of gas and other substances from the films that were deposited, and importantly, it produces highly definitive and quality etched films, but with a very smooth surface.

Contact a Supplier for Inquiries

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