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What to Know About Laser Scar Treatment in Philadelphia

Scars can sometimes be unsightly, causing people to feel embarrassed. Some scars come from acne while others come from falls, scrapes, and even surgery. A number of these scars can be removed from the body with the help of a laser treatment procedure. Laser Scar Treatment in Philadelphia is a valid option for scar removal, but there are some things people should know about the procedure before having it done.

Determining Candidacy

A consultation is required to determine if someone is a good candidate for the procedure. Skin color is not a determining factor, as the procedure can work on any skin type. What determines candidacy is whether or not the person has sensitive skin, and how large or deep the scar actually is.

The Procedure

This procedure uses fractional light pulses from patented laser technology. These pulses help to break down the damaged scar tissue within. New, healthy tissue can form in its place, causing a lightening of color and thinning of texture.

Number of Treatments

Not only one treatment will do for a scar removal procedure. It typically takes at least three procedures before significant improvement is achieved. It may take up to five. The number of treatments required depends on how large the scar is, how badly the tissue has been damaged, and how dark it appears.

Side Effects

The only real side effects of a laser treatment are reddening in the area. It may also feel slightly swollen for a day or two. These side effects can be reduced with the help of inflammation medication and ice.

Length of Procedure

The length of the procedure will vary from person to person, as bigger, deeper scars will require longer treatments. However, the average procedure only takes 30 minutes each time.

Laser Scar Treatment in Philadelphia can seem scary, but it is actually a simple procedure that can be done in a short time. With just a few treatments, scars previously found on the body will be greatly reduced, and even eliminated. Click here to learn more about laser scar treatment, and find a facility that will perform the procedure soon.

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