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What to Expect from Premium Women’s Clinics in Memphis TN

We all know that the word clinic has become a sort of short-hand expression for a walk-in treatment center, but that is not an accurate idea. In fact, most medical professionals would say that a clinic is more about specialist care than non-hospital treatment. If you are eager to find premium gynecological or obstetrical care, then you should consider one of the premium women’s clinics in Memphis TN. After all, a truly top of the line clinic will offer:

Gynecology – This is healthcare for all stages of a woman’s life and will be a full spectrum of services that include traditional annual visits, Pap smears, contraceptive services, STD treatment and prevention services, management of conditions like fibroids or vaginitis, menopause treatment (as well as perimenopause and post-menopause support), HRT, diagnostic services such as pelvic ultrasounds and lab work, mammograms, and more

Obstetrics – The care you will receive from premium women’s clinics in Memphis TN should also focus on having a baby. This means prenatal tests and treatments, help with birthing plan and prep, all of your essential monthly visits, ultrasound services (3D and 4D options are excellent), gender reveal options, family planning services, fertility related services (for both parents), and more. A good clinic will work with both low and high-risk issues, too.

Surgical services – Though we did say that women’s clinics in Memphis TN might not focus on hospitalization or hospital procedures, a good clinic will be affiliated with local hospitals and offer surgical procedures that can be done in the office as well as more advanced, hospital-based treatments. These can include everything from colposcopies in the office and cryo-surgeries to hospital treatments such as D&Cs, hysterectomies, and more.

Because the term clinic is misunderstood, it is important to consider that top of the line women’s clinics in Memphis TN can actually offer some of the most advanced, experienced and premium services available. They will use the latest technologies, such as advanced ultrasounds and imaging, do mammograms in their offices or local hospitals, and have experts on hand for any issues that might happen to occur.

At WPG Women’s Physician Group, patients can choose from two convenient locations and enjoy the fullest range of services that include both gynecology and obstetrics along with many surgical procedures that can be done in the office or a nearby hospital. With an emphasis on relationship-building with their patients, they are far more than a clinical setting offering great care.

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