What To Expect During Infertility Treatments In San Antonio, TX

by | Jun 23, 2016 | Health

In Texas, women who experience difficulties in conceiving a baby need assistance. Among their treatment opportunities is IVF treatments. These opportunities help them to increase their odds of becoming pregnant. Infertility treatments in San Antonio TX are performed by local clinicians to aid in conception.

A Full Assessment of Samples

The first step for these treatments is a full assessment of samples acquired from the parents. These assessments determine if the samples are viable. If they aren’t, the clinician takes measures to determine the root cause of the infertility issues. They may require surgical procedures to correct the identified condition. Once these procedures are conducted, additional assessments are performed to acquire a viable sample from both parents.

Starting Fertility Medications

The clinician’s assessment determines what fertility medications are needed. This could include Clomiphene citrate which is taken orally to stimulate ovulation. Gonadotropins are injected to generate the release of hormones needed for reproduction. Metformin may be used when the identified cause is insulin resistance.

Scheduling Egg Extraction and Acquisition of Samples

The clinician will schedule egg extractions and sample acquisitions for the IVF procedure. These samples are used to simulate reproduction and create an embryo. Once a viable embryo is produced, it is implanted into the mother’s uterus. The clinician evaluates and monitors the embryo throughout the pregnancy. If the procedure isn’t successful, the clinician may schedule further attempts after the healing process.

Fertilizing the Eggs and Freezing Them

The clinician may fertilize several eggs and freeze them for additional attempts. These strategies may also be used for patients who are facing chemotherapy treatments. It is a viable opportunity to achieve conception once the woman is ready for further attempts. It could also help them to ensure that they can conceive later in life if they prefer.

In Texas, women who need assistance conceiving a child should consider the advantages of IVF. These treatments have proven useful for women that cannot conceive a child naturally. They may include the administration of additional fertility medications to achieve pregnancy. Women who wish to acquire infertility treatments in San Antonio TX should Contact Fertility Texas to schedule an appointment today.

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