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What Is Glaucoma?

What Is Glaucoma?

When you visit an optometrist, he or she will perform a puff test on your eyeballs to determine if there is a build up of pressure in the eyes. The results of this test will print on a sheet of paper for the optometrist who will notify you if the pressure results are too high. If you have a high-pressure number, then it is essential for you to schedule an appointment with a glaucoma doctor St. Augustine FL specialist as soon as possible. Glaucoma is a serious health problem that can damage the eyeballs, leading to a reduction of your vision or blindness. In the past, there were few treatments for this problem, but today, a physician can determine what type of treatment can save your eyesight.

Types of Glaucoma

A glaucoma doctor St. Augustine FL specialist will plan a course of treatments to control the intraocular pressure in your eyes to prevent additional optic nerve damage. First, the physician must determine if you have open-angle glaucoma or angle-closure glaucoma. Open-angle glaucoma is the most common, and it develops slowly, making it unnoticeable to a patient. Angle-closure occurs suddenly, making it more noticeable, and it requires emergency treatments.

Follow Your Physicians Recommendations to Preserve Your Vision

The physician will prescribe eye drops that are formulated by experts to reduce the pressure in the eyeballs, and you may also need to use other types of medication. It is important to follow the recommendations of the glaucoma doctor St. Augustine FL specialist, including returning for new examinations. A physician may recommend taking vitamins that can repair the condition of the eyes while you are undergoing treatment for glaucoma. Your physician may recommend traditional surgery with a scalpel or with a laser to reduce the pressure on the optic nerves of the eyeballs.

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