What Does A Podiatrist Do?

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Surgery

A podiatrist, often referred to as a foot doctor is a medical professional that treats patients that have experienced an injury or an illness that affects the feet, ankles and at times, the lower legs. A podiatrist in Chicago has numerous tools and equipment at his or her disposal which is used to diagnose and treat various conditions. There are numerous causes for feet and ankle problems, the podiatrist might prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, intervene surgically or prescribe special footwear inserts which are designed to relieve discomfort.

When a potential patient first meets with a podiatrist in Chicago they first discuss their specific symptoms and their personal medical history. Once the podiatrist knows the problem, he or she will conduct a thorough examination of the area. If the problem is a simple corn or wart it will often be removed quickly by freezing, burning or cutting; other conditions such as grossly ingrown nails also can be removed with great care. If the problem is not visible, the podiatrist will turn to X-Rays to help make an accurate diagnosis.

If the problem turns out to be a fracture, torn ligament or something similar it may require surgical intervention. Some podiatrists are skilled surgeons themselves while others may refer the patient to an orthopedic surgeon. Once the surgery has been completed the podiatrist continues to care for the patient, scheduling follow-up consultations to ensure that the problem has been rectified and the foot or ankle is healing properly. Frequently the patient may be fitted with custom made orthotic inserts or physical therapy to help with recovery.

A podiatrist in Chicago typically performs their duties in private practice while others will practice in a hospital setting. Regardless of whether they are sole practitioners, are part of a joint practice or work in a hospital they are responsible for maintaining accurate records of their patients and their disorders. Private practitioners also deal with the administrative functions of a busy office.

Like anyone in the medical profession, a podiatrist must dedicate a number of years to study and training. The typical road to professional accreditation includes completing a four year under-grad course of studies followed by medical school. Upon completion of six years in med school the graduate must then perform residential duties for a further two years. Upon completion of the residency program the doctor can then sit the licensing examinations. Practicing podiatrists are required to sit examinations every few years in order to maintain their license.

If you are suffering from a problem with your feet or ankles you will need to seek the professional services of a podiatrist in Chicago. You are invited to make an appointment with Dr. Milton Kondiles at Kondiles Chicagoland Footcare.

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