What Can Make You Visit A Back & Neck Care Center In Florissant MO?

by | Dec 20, 2017 | Chiropractic

A person might have to visit a Back & Neck Care Center Florissant MO to help deal with acute or chronic problems. It’s important for people to understand what can cause problems with their backs or necks. Certain activities should be avoided if injury prevention is indeed a priority.

Exercising With Heavy Weights

Anyone who exercises with extremely heavy weights might end up injured and visit a Back & Neck Care Center Florissant MO. Although resistance exercise is considered by many to be important for overall health, overdoing it can lead to injuries. Even if a lifter has perfect form, it only takes one slip up to cause an injury. Heavy deadlifts and squats put a lot of pressure on the back and neck. Other exercises can be used as replacements.

Improper Form

Using improper form when bending over and picking things up can lead to back problems. Unfortunately, it’s easy for a person to develop the bad habit of bending at their lower back to pick up things. The correct form is to bend at the knees. That takes a lot of pressure off the back. It definitely can be hard for a person to unlearn years of using bad form to pick up things, but it’s something that must be done if protecting the back is a priority.

Age Matters

It’s an unfortunate act that has people get older they lose muscle tone and can become more prone to certain injuries. As a person ages, they have to take into consideration that they might not be able to perform the same tasks as easily as they did when they were younger. Pain is the body’s way of telling a person something is wrong. If an activity starts to cause pain, a person should stop doing it. Even doing work around the yard can start to take its toll as people get older.

Back and neck injuries can’t always be prevented. Even if a person is careful and avoids certain risk factors, they still might end up with an injury. What if they are involved in a car accident? A slip-and-fall accident can also cause injuries. Getting the right treatment can help a lot. Browse the Website of center that cares for back and neck injuries to find out more.

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