Using an Underwater Treadmill for Rehabilitative and Sports Training in Salt Lake City, Utah

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Healthcare

One of the ways by which physical therapists help athletes recover from certain injuries is to implement a walking program. This is just not any program, but involves the use of an underwater treadmill or a treadmill that supports a patient’s weight. Either of these state-of-the-art devices makes it possible for an athlete to heal from an injury.

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A Safe and Effective Way to Exercise

Using an underwater treadmill is an especially ideal solution for injury recovery. That is because water provides an excellent medium for exercise. The buoyancy of water reduces stress on the user’s joints and provides the resistance needed for strength training. Water also helps ensure that the patient is safe during their fitness workout.

A Better Workout

Running through water presents more of a challenge to the muscles, as they have to work harder than when an athlete runs on land. Therefore, anyone who is undergoing rehabilitation and sports training in Salt Lake City, Utah does not have to run as far or as fast as they do on land. Yet, he or she will still experience a good workout.

Going Half the Distance

When an underwater treadmill is used for rehabilitation or sports training, the user can jog at a pace of about four miles per hour. Usually, you only have to run half the distance of what you would run on land. The resistance that the water provides makes this possible.

A Favorite Way to Exercise

After you have healed from your injury, you will most likely still want to make using an underwater treadmill part of your sports training regimen. This form of exercise has won over many athletes, whether they have suffered an injury and are rehabbing or they wish to try a new type of running workout.

This type of exercise is ideal for injured athletes, as water that is waist-high lowers a person’s body weight by about 50%. In turn, the resulting impact is reduced so that therapy can start sooner.

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