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by | Aug 30, 2018 | Assisted Living

If you speak with experts in senior care, most agree that assisted living may be an ideal solution for many. Yet, these same experts agree that it can be incredibly difficult to get a senior (or senior couple) to accept that they must give up their long-time home and make a move so late in life. As one expert wrote, “Elders often say they want to stay in their own homes. They’ve lived there for decades and see no reason to move. However, many times their neighborhoods have changed …many of the old neighbors have died or moved away, and the elders become isolated. Many times a move to assisted living can give elders a new lease on life.”

Helping Make the Shift

Naturally, trying to explain to anyone that they must relocate can be very challenging, and so here are a few tips to help. They are each individual benefits from assisted living and can ease your loved one’s mind if they find they must make the move:

  • Safe – When living in any sort of supportive living, the individual must know that they still have their independence. They have a living space that is all their own, and they have freedom (most of the time) to come and go as they desire, but they are also far safer. No longer will they need to navigate stairs, do household cleaning, or be at risk for home invasion, falls and other issues. While many keep medical alerts in their homes for emergencies, there is nothing like a person right around the corner trained to help.
  • Transportation – Many seniors still living at home are unable to easily or safely drive, and wait for a friend, family member or neighbor to take them where they need to go. This can be a hardship with supportive living facilities often have all kinds of transportation options, and each is safe and reliable.
  • Social life – The isolation that an individual or couple might experience at home comes to an end with this new way of life. While staying in their private quarters is just fine, they can also join others to watch TV, play games, eat meals and more.

There are so many benefits to assisted living in New York that a loved one will soon see how they can start to worry less, eat better, enjoy life and feel secure with this change. If you need a reliable resource for just this sort of care, Chelsea Senior Living has an array of living options and can meet most needs.

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