Types of Leg Pain that can Indicate Other Issues

by | Dec 7, 2017 | Pain Management

Leg pain is usually something that’s not too difficult to fix as long as you know what the problem is. Doing stretches and staying healthy can usually keep your legs in good shape, however, sometimes there are types of leg pain that can indicate more than the usual issues. If you are looking to figure out what is causing your leg pain in Jacksonville area, go to Riverside Pain Physicians to get yourself diagnosed so you know how to deal with your pain.

1.Pain in front of Calf or Under Knee
If you are experiencing pain in the shin or under the knee you may be experiencing pain do to over exercising. This kind of sharp pain, especially present when putting pressure on that leg, can be due to overuse or stressing your leg. It can also come from landing after a sharp fall or jumping a large distance. If you have this pain, you need to go easy on your leg. Usually rest will help your leg recover so you can start using it again. If the pain continues, going to a doctor is recommended.

2. Spasms
If you have extreme cramps in your legs or spasms happening at random, you may be dehydrated. Try drinking some water over the course of a day or two and see if the spasms die down. This can also be the cause of too much exercise without hydrating so make sure to be kind to yourself during every workout.

3. Pain in the Heel
If your heel is in pain, you may be wearing heels for too long. Wearing heels can put stress on the back of your foot and can even tear your muscle. Be careful of how long you wear your heels and how high they are. Take a few days off from your heels and see if the pain subsides. If it doesn’t, try talking with your doctor to see if any permanent damage has occurred.

Overall, there are many problems that can come up with leg pain. Most are treatable as long as you are able to pinpoint the source of why you are hurting. Look into getting your legs checked out today.

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