Try Stem Cell Therapy for Knees in Orlando, Florida

by | Feb 14, 2022 | Health

Knee pain affects over 25% of Americans. If you fall in this category, you know how excruciating the pain can be during the simplest of tasks. When you are walking with your children or grandchildren and start feeling knee pain, it can feel as if you can no longer participate in family activities.

Knee pain is common due to the strain adults put on their knees every day. Do you lift heavy items at work? Have you ever heard the saying: bend from your knees, not your back? While it is much safer to lift with your knees, wear and tear over time can cause significant knee pain. Stem cell therapy for knees in Orlando, Florida is one of the best treatment methods providing excellent results.

Stem Cell Therapy

You may have heard of stem cell therapy for cancer and other significant diagnoses. But did you know that there is stem cell therapy for knees in Orlando, Florida? Stem cell therapy is also known as orthobiologic treatment. Physicians will extract stem cells from your blood, separate the cells, and inject them into the site of discomfort.

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells. This means that they can regenerate into any type of cell, such as a liver, heart, or muscle cell. When physicians such as those at Orthobiologics Associates inject them into your knee, they differentiate and heal damaged knee tissues.

The Cost

The cost of stem cell therapy for knees in Orlando, Floridavaries greatly from patient to patient. Patients may have an insurance carrier that will assist with this treatment, while other patients do not have health insurance or health insurance that will cover stem cell therapy. If you would like to know more about stem cell therapy and the costs associated, you should schedule a visit with your local specialist.

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