Try Doggie Day Care for Vacation

by | Jul 18, 2017 | Pet Services

Some homeowners get pets and then spend years never leaving the home for more than a few hours at a time. This is typically because they dare not leave their furry pets alone in the house. However, one option is to utilize the benefits of doggie day care put together by highly skilled professionals dedicated to keeping your furry animals safe and happy. Not only will you be able to finally take the vacation that you deserve but you should be able to find peace of mind in knowing that your canine companion is in great hands while you are away having fun.

Walks and Play

Doggie day care is a dedicated service that will make your dog’s time there full of fun and excitement including walks, play time, time with other dogs, and much more. If your dog is uncomfortable spending time with other canines, he or she may be taken care of separately from the other guests to ensure that he or she has the best time while at the facility. No matter the needs of your dog such as its breed, size, or any other factors, he or she is sure to have the absolute best time in the hands of professionals found at


If your dog happens to require daily medication such as an antibiotic or allergy medication, the professionals at a doggie day care understand how to properly and safely offer this medication. Having experienced handlers on the job will ensure that you never need to worry that your dog has not received his or her medication, even if missing a dose would not cause harm. After all, it is important to continue taking medication so long as it is prescribed for both humans and animals and you need to be able to trust in your day care provider to never miss a single dose so long as they are watching your dog.

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