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Treating Chronic Conditions Through Physical Therapy in Colorado Springs

There are many different diseases and health conditions that can cause long-term damage to muscles and nerves in the body. These conditions, which may be present at birth or may develop later in life, can limit a person’s ability to move, enjoy life, and use their fine and gross motor skills effectively.

In the past, these conditions, particularly progressive ones such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and other similar health issues, were seen as largely unmanageable. The good news is that these diseases and conditions can now be managed effectively with the use of physical therapy in Colorado Springs as part of the treatment plan.

The Benefits

Anytime there are changes in the muscles and the control of the body parts through the neurological system, physical therapy can be effective in retraining the body and helping the body to heal.

The goals of the physical therapist and the patient can include very specific issues such as normalizing gait, increasing strength in the body or in a specific muscle group, as well as increasing flexibility.

With regular, structured exercise in therapy, people living with these conditions can have a measured impact on the progression of the condition. It is important to understand that therapy will not treat, cure or eliminate the changes in the body, but it will help to offset the progressive nature of the disease.

Long-term Approach

Many doctors now see that early access to therapy and working with a physical therapist in Colorado Springs will help reduce the impact of the disease on the patient’s daily life.

For them, physical therapy may be a lifelong treatment option, with scheduling of sessions unique to each patient. Over time, the physical therapist and the patient can also develop an effective home exercise program that can be completed to supplement the in-person sessions for the patients.

With the use of this type of therapy, as well as occupational therapy to help with the performance of daily tasks, patients may be able to live independently or more independently depending on their own health issues.

Patients also have a stronger overall body core, which can help with decreasing falls, increasing balance, and limiting the pain that can occur with changes in the muscles through the disease.

The first step in accessing this type of therapy is to talk with a neurologist or your treatment specialist or team. Research indicates the earlier the treatment is started the more effective it will be in supporting the patient immediately as well as in the future.

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