Top Signs A Weekend Warrior Needs To See A Sports Medicine Doctor

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Health Care

There are an increasing number of people who continue to be active in sports as they age, leading to the need to see a sports medicine doctor for injuries and aches and pains. However, there are also an increasing number of younger adults and older individuals who live a very sedate life during the week and then are very active on the weekends.

These so-called weekend warriors are at particular risk for several common types of sports-related injuries. Without the right training and conditioning coupled with intensive activity in sports of all types, the conditions are right to need the services of a sports medicine doctor.

When these occasional athletes are injured they often don’t realize they need the help of a sports medicine doctor to not only treat their injury but also learn how to prevent future injuries which are similar in nature. In addition, there are at least three other signs to look for to know an appointment with their doctor should be a priority.

Sudden, Acute Pain in a Muscle or Joint

Sprains, twists and strains to the joints of the knee, ankle, elbow, shoulder or wrist are often a result of incorrect movement of the joint. They may also be mistaken for actual fractures, including stress fractures, which can occur with irregular, intense movements or chronic types of repetitive movements.

Working with a sports medicine doctor to treat the sprain, strain, twist or fracture is important to not only provide the right amount of healing time but also to prevent further and potentially more serious damage.

Reoccurring Injuries on Monday Morning

People may find on Monday morning they have the same type of reoccurring types of aches and pains in joints or specific muscle groups. By seeing a sports medicine doctor you can determine if there is a structural issue with the joint or muscle and also learn a better way to move or to complete a specific type of action to reduce the risk of further irritation.

Chronic Dull Pain

There are many people who play sports on a regular basis who simply play through the pain. These individuals often have chronic types of pain in their feet, legs, arms, back or shoulders.

By seeing a sports medicine doctor you determine if there is a medical cause of the pain which may be made worse by specific activities, movements, or even the home treatments you may have tried in the past.

Seeing a sports medicine doctor is the first step in addressing any aches, pains or discomfort associated with intense or infrequent types of activities.

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