Tips On Purchasing A Used Contrast Injector

by | May 9, 2016 | Medical Equipment

Contrast media are used in several types of diagnostic imaging exams, including some x-rays, CT scans, PET scans, and MRIs. Iodine is one contrast medium that is frequently injected into the veins. Once it is in the blood stream, it flows through the area to be imaged and blocks the light, thus showing up as a solid line on the image. This can help distinguish certain organs or areas of the body from surrounding tissue. The contrast injector is a piece of medical equipment used in diagnostic imaging. Injectors can be purchased new or used. If you are considering purchasing a Used Contrast Injector, make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for.

Traditional manual injectors have a single injection head, but nowadays the more common automated contrast media injectors have two. The dual-head injector works by opening the vein with a saline injection from the first head, injecting the contrast with the second head, and then injecting a saline flush with the first head to push the contrast through the veins. This type of injector requires 30% less contrast than a single-head injector, and it also causes lower flow pressure in the vein, reducing the risk of injury. Automated injectors may include data management systems as well. While automated injectors offer several advantages, doctors and technicians sometimes prefer the control and the feel for resistance they get with a hand-held injector.

When investigating a used contrast injector, consider the following:

     *     Is the injector suitable for the types and the quantity of procedures you need to perform?

     *     Does the injector meet the syringe capacity, flow range, and pressure range requirements for the type of imaging being done?

     *     Do you prefer a manual or automated injector?

     *     Do you want an injector that has cost-saving contrast media conservation features?

Once you purchase a used contrast injector, you can extend its life by having an annual preventive maintenance inspection done. Technicians will work from a checklist based on original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards and will replace worn gaskets, bulbs, filters, lenses and other parts. If you’re looking for a second-hand contrast injector or contrast injector maintenance and repair, check out Precise Bio-Medical, an independently owned bio-medical equipment supplier.

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