Tips for Finding the Right Advanced Hearing Aids in Norwich CT

by | Sep 29, 2016 | Health Care

When a person suffers from hearing loss, they may consider looking into advanced hearing aids in Norwich CT. However, with all the options available on the market today, it can be difficult to know which one is right for a person’s particular needs. Learning more about each option can help make this decision a bit easier.

Completely in the Canal – CIC

This type of hearing aid will be molded to fit completely inside a person’s ear canal. It helps to improve mild to moderate cases of hearing loss. This style of hearing aid is the option that is least visible, and that is much less likely to pick up wind noise than other options. It also uses extremely small batteries, which often have a shorter lifespan and that can be difficult to handle.

In the Canal

An ITC (in the canal) hearing aid is made from a custom mould that fits partially in a person’s ear canal. This is a style that can help to improve mild to moderate hearing loss in adults. This type of hearing aid is not as visible when in the ear compared to other styles and includes a number of features that don’t fit in the typical in-canal aid.

In the Ear

This hearing aid is offered in two styles, one that fits in the bowl-shaped of the outer ear and one that only fits in the lower portion. Both are useful for individuals who suffer from mild to severe hearing loss. This hearing aid has features that won’t fit into the smaller styles and is easier to handle. The battery lasts longer; however, it may pick up more wind noise than the smaller, in the canal style of hearing aids.

Getting to know some of the options available in regard to advanced hearing aids in Norwich CT can help a person figure out which one is right for their needs. More information about hearing aids can be found by contacting the staff at Contact County Hearing & Balance. Being informed and making an educated decision will help ensure that a person’s hearing is restored and that they don’t have to strain to hear conversations and other things any longer.

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