Tips for Choosing Bath Aids in Pittsburgh, PA: Why a Bath Bench Makes Sense

by | Dec 26, 2016 | Health

Whether the cause of the limited mobility is temporary or permanent, being able to enjoy time in the bath is important. While there are a number of Bath Aids in Pittsburgh PA that makes bathing easier to manage, there is one resource that should be part of the preparation. That resource is a bath or shower bench. Here are some of the reasons why it’s such a valuable asset.

Excellent Stability

One of the things that sets the bench apart from a bath chair is the way it’s positioned. Most Bath Aids in Pittsburgh PA of this type are built so that two of the legs are outside of the tub while the other two are inside. This arrangement helps to make it easier to slide out of a wheelchair or use a walker to back up and sit down. From there, the user will find it simpler to use the arms to move into the tub and still have plenty of seat room to work with.

The Inclusion of Backing and Grab Bars

Many of these benches are configured to include what is known as grab bars on each end. Those bars provide the user with something to hold onto if maintaining the balance is difficult. It’s also easier to hold on to one of the bars while reaching down to retrieve a bar of soap that landed in the tub.

Having a back to the bench also provides more support for the individual. This is especially true for those who tire easily and find that getting into the seat and sliding over to enjoy the flow of water from a shower head takes a lot out of them. The additional support makes it possible to lean back and rest before moving on to the actual lathering and scrubbing.

Adjustable Heights

It’s not unusual for the bench design to include legs that can be adjusted to the desired height. Some people will find that a lower seat is ideal for them while others enjoy a higher seat that they can settle into without having to bend as much.

Contact McArdle Surgical today and learn more about benches and other types of bath aids. The right combination will do wonders for independence and make it easier to enjoy bathing whenever the mood strikes.

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