Three Symptoms That Warrant STD Testing In Anderson, OH

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Health

STDs, or sexually transmitted diseases, are health conditions that spread as a result of sexual contact, some of which may be life-threatening and require immediate medical intervention. Most physicians recommend being tested for STDs a minimum of once every six months for adults who are sexually active with more than one partner. While this is a good rule of thumb if a person experiences any of the following symptoms, it may warrant a trip to a doctor and a full panel of STD Testing in Anderson OH.

Burning and Itching Genitals

While some level of itching is common as a result of moisture and other skin conditions, if a person experiences chronic burning or itching in and around their genitals, it may be caused by any number of infections. A physician may recommend a full STD panel that will test a person for herpes and HPV, which are both accompanied by uncontrollable discomfort. Most test results are processed in as little as a few days, which allows a person to start a treatment regiment promptly.

Unusual Urination

Most individuals will produce a steady stream of urine when releasing their bladder, but if a person experiences pain, discomfort, or unusual discharge when urinating, it may be due to an STD. Both Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are known for causing strange urination habits, and fortunately, are treatable. A physician will prescribe a round of antibiotics that should eliminate the infection in as little as six weeks.

Unexplained Flu-Like Symptoms

If a person is experience body aches and an unusually high fever that is not linked to the flu virus, STD Testing in Anderson OH should be completed immediately. HIV will usually lie dormant several weeks after a person is infected and will lead to an immune response that mimics the flu. While there isn’t a cure for HIV, there are a variety of treatments that allow a person to live a healthy, long life.

Going to a doctor for an STD test is embarrassing for many, but it is a responsibility that helps a person remain healthy while sexually active. Eastside Urgent Care offers a walk-in clinic that provides testing without the need for an appointment. Visit to learn more or stop by today and gain peace of mind. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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