Three Reasons You Should See an Eye Doctor in Derby, KS

by | Dec 28, 2017 | Health

Medical experts recommend visiting an Eye Doctor in Derby KS at least once a year. For those people that wear glasses, this isn’t difficult to forget, as their prescription might change, their glasses may break or they may just want a new pair of glasses. An eye doctor is the best place to address all of these things.

However, an eye doctor is an important part of the physical health of people with perfect eyesight as well. There are several ways that an eye doctor can be used to determine if there are other health issues that someone might be facing that has nothing to do with eyesight.

Risk for High Blood Pressure

When someone starts to experience high blood pressure, the blood vessels in the back of the eyes start to swell. A visit to the eye doctor can be the first indicator of a blood pressure issue. If left untreated, high blood pressure can actually cause eye problems, so having the blood vessels behind the eyes checked annually is important.

Risk for Diabetes

Sometimes a person with diabetes doesn’t exhibit any overt symptoms until it’s too late to be controlled with diet and exercise, leading to the need for insulin. However, the eyes can tell the tale of diabetes before the rest of the body catches up. The retinas of the eyes have capillaries, which can produce a fluid that is slightly yellow or they may even bleed a little. This is an indicator of diabetes and they can often be seen in a comprehensive eye exam.

Risk for Cancer

Anyone that sees an eye doctor regularly will have a chart of their eye size, capillary condition, eye shape and even the shape of the eyelids. Any changes in these areas can be an indicator of cancer or a tumor. Often, brain tumors are detected by an Eye Doctor in Derby KS rather than a regular physician.

Whether you have perfect eyesight or you wear glasses or contacts, an annual visit to your eye doctor is important. Eye doctors also provide access to the right type of glasses for your face or can repair or replace broken glasses. Visit us for more information about scheduling an appointment or to learn more about how a regular eye exam can help your overall health.

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