Things to Know Before You Schedule Your Tummy Tuck in Arlington Heights

by | Apr 25, 2024 | Cosmetic Surgery

A tummy tuck is a common cosmetic surgery procedure designed to strengthen abdominal muscles by removing excess skin and fat from the area. It can be effective in removing stubborn fat that doesn’t respond to regular diet and exercise. However, if you plan to get a tummy tuck, you should know what you’re getting done to your body. Here are some things to know before you schedule your tummy tuck in Arlington Heights.

You Will Need to Plan for Two Weeks of Recovery

While a tummy tuck is a standard procedure performed every day, it’s also considered major surgery. You will need to plan to experience pain and limited mobility when you wake up from surgery. You will experience the most pain in the first days after surgery. During this time, you will want to rest. You will gradually move more and more over the next two weeks. After two weeks, you’ll be cleared to resume most of your normal daily activities.

The Scars Will Fade

You will have scars on your abdomen after your procedure. The scars can appear quite intimidating at first. Luckily, the scars will fade away in time. While they may not completely go away, they will become much less noticeable.

You Must Maintain Your Results

It’s important to note that you will be responsible for maintaining your new physique with a healthy diet and regular exercise. You will gain the weight back if you follow unhealthy habits.

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