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Things to Know About Laser-Based Fat Reduction in Maui

Non-invasive fat reduction in Maui can be done through a medical procedure known as Cynosure Sculpsure. It uses lasers, or light-based energy, to treat stubborn fat deposits that remain no matter how effectively the person diets and exercises.

Stubborn Fat Deposits

These pockets of fat are relatively common on the front and sides of the abdomen, as well as the hips and thighs, remaining even after the individual gets close to an optimal weight. Many women deal with these stubborn fat deposits after having a baby, and many other individuals can’t seem to eliminate the excess fat after losing a few dozen pounds.

How It Works

The laser is directed through the skin to the fat cells with the use of a specialized applicator. The fat deposits absorb that laser energy, and the resulting heat injures the fat cells enough so they do not survive.

After treatment at a facility such as The Skin Center, the body very gradually flushes out those fat cells that were damaged in the process. Because of the application process, practitioners can target more precise areas of the body than has been true with noninvasive fat-reducing technology before.

The Procedure

This procedure for Fat Reduction in Maui lasts about 25 minutes or a bit longer, and the individual can return to normal activities immediately afterward. Some minor side effects can be expected, which may include tingling, pinching or slight burning sensations.

If the patient is concerned about these possible effects, he or she may ask the practitioner about taking over-the-counter pain medication before the appointment. There may be redness and a little swelling afterward, which the patient can help reduce by massaging the treated areas to stimulate the lymphatic system.


After about 12 weeks, full results should be complete. More than one session may be necessary; the client can make that decision at the follow-up appointment. Since the process is gradual, it will look very natural to others who notice the positive change in the person’s physique.

People who are a little skeptical that lasers can eradicate fat should know that research has confirmed the effectiveness. Click here to learn more about one particular facility offering this treatment.

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