The Positive Impact That Can Be Achieved Through Hair Transplant in NJ

by | Feb 3, 2020 | Hair Restoration

Those suffering from thinning hair know the impact it plays on self-esteem and self-confidence. Many probably think patients seeking out a hair transplant in NJ are doing so to restore their hair, but really they are doing it to restore their “self.” They are reclaiming their identity and confidence by reclaiming their hair. The benefits of having a hair transplant are numerous, but here are the top 3:

Improving Confidence by Improving Appearance

The most significant benefit a patient achieves from a hair transplant in NJ is not an improvement in appearance, but an improvement in self-confidence. When people lose their hair, they no longer feel like themselves. It does not feel like simply growing older; it feels like changing into a different person. When you don’t feel like yourself, you cannot be confident in yourself. Hair transplants effectively restore hair. With that comes the restored sense of self and self-confidence.

A Cost-Effective Solution

While the up-front cost of a hair transplant is much more than other solutions, it’s very cost effective in the long run. A hair transplant is a one-time payment; once you have paid for your procedure, the hair will continue growing permanently and it requires no real maintenance. When you compare this to a lifetime of purchasing vitamins, topical solutions, laser hats, and filling prescriptions, a hair transplant is simpler and more cost-effective in the long-run.

A Permanent Solution

Hair transplants are permanent. The follicles used during a hair transplant procedure are immune to further loss. If done correctly, they should never thin or fall out after being transplanted to their new location. While your native hairs may continue to thin behind the transplanted follicles, the transplant themselves are permanent. This is the only treatment that can make that claim. All others only prevent or slow the loss temporarily, but do not offer a permanent solution in bald areas.

Hair loss is a difficult thing to deal with. There are many reasons why a hair transplant in NJ may be the best way for you to take a proactive approach and deal with your own hair loss. If you are considering surgical hair restoration, reach out and see if we can help. Get in touch with a doctor at Feller & Bloxham medical by visiting our website at

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