The Most Effective Data Management System Company for Medical Records Indexing

by | Nov 26, 2020 | Health

MDabstract aims at offering health systems, providers, and hospital practices the best chart abstraction services. Also, it provides EHR migration, Medical records indexing, and reporting of discrete data. The company now serves as the only committed and dedicated clinical abstraction organization in the US and assists approximately 1500 doctors in several areas of specialties in different EHR systems.

Their Services

They are a well-trained crew that specializes in data discretion. The company offers cost-efficient solutions for clinical abstraction for your organization. They focus on the data to allow you to focus on quality patient care, which is most important. Their services include:

  • EHR and Data Migration

Their well-trained medical abstraction employees migrate your clinical data manually from any of your heritage sources. To ensure the accuracy of the information, they use a dependable system of checks. It reduces medical errors and redundancy and allows focus on the patient’s optimal outcomes.

  • Data Mining and Reporting

They convert your raw data into relevant information. It creates an opportunity for success for your organization since they provide quality guidelines for meeting submissions.

  • Electronic medical records indexing and filing

Most times, your organization needs to access historical patient images and documents to proceed effectively. Their trained personnel will accurately e-file all of the patient’s medical records within their electronic chart.

Why Vouch on MDabstract

  • They provide accurate, reliable data whenever you need it.
  • MDabstract is flexible and can meet all your needs, whether that of one provider or an entire health system.
  • They allow the physician to focus on effective workflows, clinical outcomes, and optimal patient experience while they handle the data.

MDabstract knows your struggles as a group of administrators and physicians. Their team understands the importance of reliable, accurate patient data to your organization.

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