The Importance of Hospice Care From a Home Health Agency in Jasper TX

by | Jan 8, 2016 | Home Health Care

A home health agency in Jasper TX provides many types of services, one of which may be hospice care. Patients who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and are facing their final days may be able to continue living at home if they have the right nursing care assistance. Hospice care is becoming more important than ever for both compassionate reasons and practical ones.

Many years ago, people tended to pass away at home instead of in a hospital, hooked up to monitors and other machines. With dramatic advancements in medical diagnostics, treatments and technology, the push began to keep people alive as long as possible, no matter how dire the situation was. Older individuals began to create living wills to block this practice in their own lives. It has becoming increasingly common for elderly people to deny extensive treatment after being diagnosed with a terminal illness. Instead of enduring surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, they accept the inevitable and choose to have a peaceful end to life on earth, in the comfort of their own home.

There are also practical concerns that lead families to choose hospice care from a Home Health Agency in Jasper TX. Even though they may prefer to take care of their loved one on their own, it can be difficult or even impossible to do so. Even when a terminally ill person is refusing treatment for the disease, this individual still is likely to need other medication, some of which may be provided intravenously. Pain medication is a common need for these individuals. The person will probably need assistance with bathroom needs and may prefer that family members aren’t burdened with this.

In addition, an organization such as Professional Health Care allows family members a bit of a break from the stress they are likely to be experiencing. Family members must realize that their own well-being is important to their loved one, and that being able just to run to the grocery store or take a walk around the block can improve their mood. This is beneficial for their relationship with the person who will not be around much longer. More details on hospice care are available at the website

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