The Five-Minute Guide to Flight Nursing

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Health

Are you looking for a career in the medical field that offers more excitement than the typical nursing position? Consider becoming a certified flight nurse and let your skills take flight!

What Does a Flight Nurse Do?

Flight nurses are sometimes referred to as transport nurses. They are the professionals responsible for staffing planes, helicopters, and other aircraft and attending to the medical needs of patients onboard.

This can take several forms. Some flight nurses work onboard dedicated medical transport aircraft. Others work in and out of hospitals and clinics. Still others are available for hire for patients using commercial aircraft. No matter where they are stationed, a certified flight nurse makes a huge difference in the lives of those they serve.


While flight nursing is an exciting and unpredictable career, you can expect to do certain things regularly. The most important aspect of the job is providing both life-saving and health-preserving services to your patients. This will range from keeping hearts beating and blood pumping to stopping bleeding and assisting with breathing. It will also include managing symptoms, pain, and medical conditions like diabetes that are less life-threatening but still require medical assistance. No matter what you’re presented with, your job is to be able to help your patient get through their trip as safe and healthy as possible.


Typically, a flight nurse must have all the same training as a typical emergency room nurse, plus five years of nursing experience or more. Also, previous flight experience – either nursing or non-nursing experience –are preferred by most employers. Those looking to be employed by the military will also have to complete several modules of military training, as well.

Get Started, Get Hired

Ready to learn more about flight nursing? Contact a local medical transport provider and find out what positions are available in your area. Being a certified flight nurse is a rewarding career that will give you stories to tell and memories to relive for years to come. Get started with your education and training, and soon the sky will be the limit for your professional potential.

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