The Differences between Alkaline Water and Regular Bottled Water

by | Jan 5, 2018 | Health

It’s generally accepted that a few glasses of water a day are a solid step towards a healthy lifestyle. However, will just any water do, or is there a healthier solution? This is where the subject of alkaline water comes into play. Many claim this type of water to be the healthier option than normal bottled water brands. But is this true? If you are curious about the differences between natural alkaline water and store bought bottled water, here are the biggest distinctions between the two.

#1. Alkaline is less acidic
The human body’s pH level must be kept at an even 7.4 to prevent any sort of disease caused by too low or too high pH levels in our blood. Bottled and tap water, it may shock you to learn, have a surprisingly low pH level, meaning that when you drink them, they introduce more acid into your blood, and increase your risk of acid reflux, even if just a little bit. Natural alkaline water has significantly fewer hydrogen ions, the particles that cause lower pH levels and higher acidity. So, while it’s debatable if Alkaline water removes acid from your bloodstream, it doesn’t introduce more into it as compared to normal bottled water.

#2. Hydration
The way water hydrates you is that clusters of hydrogen cells are absorbed into the body when you consume liquid. However, normal bottled water’s hydrogen cells are so clustered that the effect isn’t immediate, and the entire cluster may not even be absorbed. Alkaline water’s hydrogen clusters aren’t as big, so it’s easier for the body to absorb it into the system. This makes natural alkaline water ideal for those who love running or other forms of exercise, since alkaline water gives them more hydration per sip.

#3. More refreshing to drink
There are alkaline bottled water brands if you know where to find them. If you drink one, you’ll notice a difference in how it feels as it goes down. It feels smoother and has more of a taste to it. This is the reduced acidity and increased oxygen in the water. Something that other bottled water brands don’t have, and their water has a distinctly different feeling from alkaline water because of it.

Whether you personally prefer bottled or alkaline water, there are clear benefits to the latter. It’s more refreshing, hydrates your body faster, and introduces less acid into your bloodstream. It is just plain out good for you.

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