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The Benefits of Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh, PA

It’s unfortunate, but true, that most modern households are not designed with the needs of patients who have mobility problems in mind. Households that are more than one story pose not only an inconvenience but also a potentially serious danger, to aging or physically challenged inhabitants. By installing Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA, mobility-challenged people no longer need to resign themselves to utilizing just one story of their houses.

Improved Safety

The most important concern for many mobility-challenged homeowners and residents is, of course, safety. Attempting to walk up and down stairs without adequate coordination or with disabilities that hinder motion can lead to very dangerous slips and falls. Stair lifts help avoid the possibility of broken bones and worse.

Increased Independence

Seniors who live at home rightfully value their independence. Requiring help to safely navigate stairs typically means keeping someone on-hand to offer assistance, or even giving up a beloved home for the sake of personal safety. Stair lifts require no outside help, as they allow users to simply push a button to ascend and descend stairs safely.

A Cost-Effective Solution

When compared with the cost of moving to an assisted living facility or renting an apartment that is self-contained on one floor, the price of installing a stair lift is negligible. Similarly, the cost of a new stair lift is certainly quite low in comparison to the hospital bills that may be accrued due to personal injuries on stairs.

Carry Things With Ease

If walking up and down stairs poses a problem for elderly and disabled residents, carrying objects between different floors can be downright impossible. By installing Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh PA, disabled residents can easily transport things like laundry, books, and groceries between floors without worrying about impaired balance or inability to use handrails.

Learn More Today

The first step toward increased independence and convenience is to find a trustworthy provider of stair lifts and other mobility devices. By contacting McArdle Surgical Pittsburgh P A residents can get started with the process of purchasing and installing a stair lift at their convenience. The benefits are many, and all stair lifts come with free maintenance for one year after installation, so there’s no reason not to call for a free quote today.

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