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The Benefits of Bringing Children to Pediatric Doctors in El Cajon Who Offer Both Primary and Urgent Care

Some parents delay in bringing their sick child to Pediatric Doctors in El Cajon even when those doctors have an urgent care facility included with the general clinic. If the child becomes ill during the night or on the weekend, they may have the uncomfortable feeling that they shouldn’t be bothering doctors outside of normal business hours. This probably is a holdover from a time when urgent care options were uncommon. The parent might wind up speaking with the pediatrician at home through the answering service, or bringing the youngster to an emergency room if the situation grew serious.

These days, it’s best to bring a child in if he or she has developed certain types of symptoms, or at least call to ask questions before deciding whether to go. A doctor, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner on duty can start by talking with the parent on the phone about symptoms such as a high fever, a chronic sleep-disrupting cough, or an earache causing significant pain. Pediatric doctors in El Cajon are ready to help and don’t want parents to feel that they are bothersome or overly worried. This is why the walk-in urgent care option is offered, after all, so children can receive the medical attention they need even if their illness didn’t coincide with regular business hours.

A very advantageous aspect of a facility such as Children’s Physicians Medical Group is that children can have a primary pediatrician there and not only see medical staff for urgent care needs. Some parents have drifted toward mainly using urgent care service as needed and not bothering to have a primary doctor for the children. Children benefit greatly from having a doctor who gets to know them and understands their medical history. When the child is brought to urgent care with an earache, the doctor knows that an earache is either an unusual occurrence or a repetitive situation. This is documented on the clinic’s medical charts, even if the child’s own pediatrician is not there at the moment.

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