Temporarily Alter An Appearance With A Set Of Hair Extensions Arizona

by | May 2, 2018 | Beauty Care

Heredity often determines if an individual will have straight, fine strands of hair or curly, thick tresses. If hair grows slowly and a longer style is desired, Hair Extensions Arizona can temporarily alter a style. Hair extensions are accessories that are made with natural and synthetic strands of hair. The tips that follow will assist with choosing and styling extensions.

Receive A Consultation

Hair extensions and hair replacement products can be purchased at Donte’s of New York. During a consultation, products will be shown to a client and a representative will describe how a set of hair extensions are secured to natural strands of hair. Strands of natural or synthetic hair have not been dyed or chemically processed.

Hair strands can be matched to a client’s natural hair color so that a set of extensions will have a natural appearance. After selecting a length and color, a client should stand in front of a mirror and hold the hair extensions next to their natural hair so that they can determine if they like how well the hair extensions match their own hair.

Acquire Care Instructions

During a consultation, care instructions will be provided. Permanent hair dye should not be applied to strands unless an individual would like to permanently alter the appearance of a set of extensions.

Extensions will be secured to natural hair with a clip or by knotting the ends of extensions to natural strands of hair. Extensions can be worn while sleeping, exercising, working or relaxing. While brushing or combing hair, care should be used so that hair strands remain damage-free.

Style And Wash The Hair Extensions

After Hair Extensions Arizona are secured to natural hair, they can be styled with standard hair products. If mousse or gel will be applied, a small amount of either product should be added evenly to the length of each strand. A curling iron or straight iron can be used to change the appearance of a set of extensions. Extensions can be worn for several weeks.

When an individual would like to remove a set of extensions from their hair, they should make an appointment at the same business that the extensions were purchased from. Hair extensions need to be washed with shampoo. A conditioner can be added to hair strands so that strands are smooth and knot free once they have dried.

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