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Taking a Brief Look at Some Common Chiropractic Services in Boise, ID

According to the latest reports from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, an estimated 80 percent of Americans suffer from back pain. Conditions causing discomfort and stiffness in the spine and back muscles are the nation’s foremost cause of work-related disability and a primary cause of missed days from work. Chiropractic Services in Boise, ID aid in mitigating such issues, and a wide range of techniques are used in the process.

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal manipulation, also known as chiropractic adjustment, is used to help reduce inflammation and pain while improving mobility. More than 100 techniques can be used, each with its own set of benefits and applications. Ten of these are more common than others, but they fall into only a few categories.

With the drop technique, or Thompson Terminal Point, the patient lies on a table, and various sections of the table can be lowered to manipulate certain portions of the spine. Spinal mobilization involves using light pressure and movement to slowly and gently relieve pain and stiffness. High-velocity low-amplitude thrust is entails quick, forceful pressure and often causes the back to pop. Several variations and combinations of these techniques are available as well.


Chiropractors like those with The Wellness Center of Boise sometimes use a range of massage techniques to help alleviate pain and lack of mobility. Soft tissue massage is known to help relieve swelling and inflammation and improve circulation. All these benefits can speed up the healing process and increase mobility.

Applying Heat and Cold

Heat and ice therapy is likewise among the common Chiropractic Services in Boise, ID. Physicians alternate ice and heat packs at fifteen-minute intervals during this type of treatment. As is the case with massage, this method helps combat inflammation and swelling and can improve blood flow to foster healing.

Some or all of these techniques may be used in conjunction with other treatment options. Among these are exercise programs designed to gently stretch the back muscles and make them stronger. In certain cases, special diet plans may also be prescribed to patients. All these treatments aid in improving patients’ quality of life and increasing mobility while lowering pain. Visit the clinic’s Facebook page or website to learn more.

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