Symptoms That Signal the Need to See a Retina Specialist in Jacksonville, FL

by | Mar 5, 2020 | Health

It can be easy to take your vision for granted for as long as you can see well. However, when you start to experience certain symptoms, you can take them as warning signs that you need to see a specialized eye vision doctor immediately.

Knowing what these symptoms are allow you to act quickly to prevent you from losing your ability to see well. These signs are some to prompt you to make an appointment with your retina specialist in Jacksonville, FL, today.

Black Dots

Seeing the occasional black dot in the line of your central vision is typically nothing about which to worry. However, when you see black dots continuously, you can take this symptom as something more than just eye fatigue or strain.

In fact, these black dots could signal that you suffer from macular degeneration and need to undergo eye surgery to reattach your retinas. Your eye doctor can determine the extent of your damage and decide if surgery is warranted.

Fading Central Vision

If your central vision starts to fade, you can also take this as a sign that your retinas could be detaching from the back eye wall. This symptom can indicate that you could be going blind. You may need immediate intervention to spare the rest of your vision.

You can learn more about when to see your retina specialist in Jacksonville, FL, online. Contact Florida Eye Specialists – Southside at

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