Symptoms Of Poor Blood Flow And Compression Stockings in Pittsburgh PA

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Healthcare

These days, it seems as if more and more people are living very sedentary lifestyles, and this way of living comes with certain consequences. One of those consequences involves having poor circulation in the lower half of the body. To combat this poor circulation doctors often prescribe Compression Stockings in Pittsburgh PA. The following will discuss what these stockings are all about and why they’re needed by so many people.

Signs Of Poor Circulation

Many people have probably experienced poor circulation without even realizing it. The body’s circulatory system works hard to send nutrients, blood and oxygen to various parts of the body. Poor circulation occurs when one part of the body doesn’t get the amount of blood and oxygen it needs to function properly.

Common signs of poor circulation can include tingling in the soles of feet, toes and legs. A person’s feet may begin feeling numb shortly after sitting down. Legs not receiving enough blood and oxygen also have a tendency to cramp very easily.

Enlarged veins are one of the most noticeable and most common signs of poor circulation. Veins often become enlarged when the tiny valves inside of them start to fail. Blood travels down the legs, and because of gravity and weak valves, blood isn’t able to travel back up into the body. As a result, veins throughout a person’s legs can appear noticeably blue or dark red.

The Use Of Compression Stockings

The Compression Stockings in Pittsburgh PA aren’t just for show. These are stockings that are specifically designed to improve the blood flow in a person’s legs. The stockings work to stimulate the veins throughout the legs to increase the amount of blood and oxygen that flows through them. Patients who have worn these socks have reported reduced swelling, less tingling and less pain throughout their lower body.

Contact McArdle Surgical to learn more about compression stockings and the benefits that they have to offer. Again, millions of people suffer from poor circulation and some signs are more evident than others. If a person is constantly experiencing pain and swelling in their legs, then they’re probably dealing with poor circulation. Most people can remedy this problem by using compression stockings. This is an inexpensive solution for poor blood flow.

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