Symptoms of Drug Abuse and How to Take Control Back of Your Life

by | Dec 27, 2017 | Addiction Treatment

It’s not uncommon for casual drug use to escalate into drug addiction. The following signs strongly indicate that the addiction has started, says the NCADD:

  • You suffer from memory loss or temporary blackouts
  • You’re irritable and suffer from depression and mood swings
  • You use drugs to deal with your problems
  • You suffer from insomnia, nausea and anxiety along with other unpleasant symptoms when you stop

If you experience any of these, then it’s best that you start recognizing the truth: you’re addicted. The next step is to…

Commit to recovery

If you want to quit drugs and start living life drug-free, then you’ll need to commit to the process. It’s going to take a lot of work and you’re going to have a tough road ahead of you but taking this first step will help you get through the rest.

Find a rehab facility

Look for a center for drug rehab in Sacramento for treatment and assistance. Make sure they offer medical assistance and supervision through detox and withdrawal. You’re going to need their help. An experienced team of staff and doctors is also a good thing to look for when you choose a facility.

Choose a program

What kind of detox program do you need? Find a facility that has considerable experience in providing help in cases like yours. Do you need detoxification from heroin, stimulants, marijuana, alcohol or opiates? Finding a facility for drug rehab in Sacramento that handles treatment for cases like yours can go a long way to getting you on the road to recovery.

Why now?

Early identification of the problem and action are key in ensuring successful treatment and recovery. The sooner you recognize the addiction and seek out help to stop it, the sooner you can take control back of your life and live drug-free.

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