Symptoms Associated with A UTI And Ways That It Can Be Treated

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A urinary tract infection can be very painful. You could also have a fever as a result of the infection. There are a few symptoms that you will likely notice if you do have a UTI. Once you notice these symptoms, try to see a doctor as soon as possible, or seek assistance from an online doctor who can give you a UTI prescription online until you’re able to seek further treatment.

How to Detect a UTI

There are a few ways that you can determine if you have a UTI or another type of infection. Most of the time, you’ll give a urine sample to your doctor. The sample is then examined to determine if there are white blood cells or any red blood cells present. Your doctor can also take an X-ray or perform an MRI to see if there are issues with your urinary tract. If there are indications of an infection, then you can often get a UTI prescription online that can fight against the bacteria causing the infection.

Treating Your UTI

An antibiotic will usually clear a UTI. You could also be prescribed a pain reliever as well. Most symptoms tend to go away within a few days. Your exact symptoms and the length of time that you’ve had the UTI will often determine how long you should take the antibiotic. If you have infections frequently during the year, then you might be given medications that are taken for an extended period of time. Intravenous medications could be ordered if you have a severe infection until you’re able to change to a medication that you take by mouth.


While it’s sometimes difficult to completely prevent a UTI, there are a few things that you can do to decrease your risk of developing one. Drink plenty of water during the day to keep toxins flushed from your kidneys and urinary tract. You should also develop hygiene habits that decrease bacteria, such as wiping from front to back.

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