Sustained Addiction Treatment and Mental Health Care in Southwest FL

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Healthcare

An addiction is a dependence on a habit-forming substance that is accompanied by tolerance for it and physically painful withdrawals when the substance is not administered. Drug and alcohol addictions plague millions of people, and for those who love them, this is a real-life nightmare. Addiction can take place in any home of any race, religion, socioeconomic status, and education level. It has often been referred to as enslavement, and it is certainly a cruel master. Lives and families are broken and devastated daily, yet for all the technological advancements in the world, addiction remains largely misunderstood and is therefore mistreated as a character flaw, but that is not the case. Mental Health Care in Southwest FL treats the whole being, on a person by person basis because there is no such thing as a one size fits all recovery.

Assigning blame when it comes to addiction is an unhelpful endeavor. Substance abuse treatment is a critical piece of an enduring recovery. The most crucial step on the road to freedom starts with the individual coming to grips with the reality that they have a problem and they cannot control it. From here there are some options available from Nextep, such as: a 12 step program, peer groups that provide support and encouragement, counseling, and recovery residences. It is vital that those who are involved in the different aspects of this care demonstrate compassion towards those in this process. There is nothing easy about escaping addiction, but it is entirely possible with the right team of doctors, counselors, and supportive loved ones making it clear that this person is never alone – when they reach out, someone will be there to help.

Once initial withdrawals are over it is time to develop new habits and disciplines, but it doesn’t end there. During treatment, recovering addicts learn how to manage the triggers that previously spiraled them into using drugs or alcohol in the first place. Once treatment is over, relapses are possible and many times probable. This is where outpatient services come in to provide aid in navigating the complexities of addiction even after sobriety has taken place. Click here to visit website to learn more about how relapse prevention programs help former addicts to remain free from the bondage of substance abuse and to see the scope and sequence of successful recovery.

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