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Staying Safe In Stair Lift Chairs in Pittsburgh PA

If someone has mobility issues, they may benefit from the installation of Stair Lift Chairs in Pittsburgh PA to help them get up and down a staircase. Stair lift chairs can be a welcome addition to a home. When purchasing a stair lift chair, it is necessary to keep safety in mind, so the rider does not become injured.

Finding a model with an added seat belt is a great way to ensure the person does not fall out of the chair while it is moving. Have the person test the seat belt when shopping around for a stair lift chair to make sure they can clasp and unclasp it easily. When looking at these chairs, it is also important to test the control buttons. If there are too many options available on the chair, the person may become confused, making the chair more difficult for them to operate. Make sure the buttons are large enough to see and that the user can push them in all the way without difficulty.

A stair lift chair will be installed directly to the wall of the staircase. Check that the chair can swivel outward instead of purchasing a stationary model. This will help the user get enough leverage to step out of the chair when it gets to a top of a staircase. If the chair does not move, it makes be difficult for them to maneuver their way out without falling.

Having a service describe the available features will be helpful when making a stair lift chair selection. They may have models in a showroom, making it easy to try out different types before making a decision on which to install in the home. The person who will be using the chair should be available to try out the models so they can select one that feels comfortable and easy to operate.

Visit a site  to get further information. They have a large selection of Stair Lift Chairs in Pittsburgh PA and will be able to answer any questions about the styles available. An appointment can then be made to speak with someone about having one installed.

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