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by | Jan 21, 2019 | Health

Energy medicine if a form of alternative medicine that uses the body’s natural energy to bring joy, resilience, and vitality to someone’s life. The practice of energy medicine balances the energy in the body to improve the function and health of the body’s hormones and energy system, making positive changes to improve the mind, body, and spirit.

Energy Medicine Practitioners

Energy medicine uses techniques such as acupuncture, Yoga, and kinesiology to restore balance and harmony in a non-invasive way to the body.

Since we are always surrounded by energy, it is only natural that it can get out of whack. Restoring the natural energy of our body can help to improve our quality of life.

Our bodies are designed to heal itself and energy medicine works with that knowledge to improve the control we have over our bodies.

What is Energy Medicine?

Energy medicine is a form of alternative healing that uses bio-energetic approaches. All living creatures have an energy field, and that energy field plays an important role in our body functions. By manipulating and healing the energy field, we can improve how the body functions which, in turn, improves our quality of life.

Energy Medicine Courses

Energy medicine courses that focus on this alternative and holistic healing field are required to be an energy practitioner. Students enrolled in these courses will learn about energy field screening devices, methods for assessing wellness, energy field testing, anatomy, chemistry, nutrition, energy medicine, pathology, and much more.

Most energy medicine programs require nine to 18 months to complete.

A career in alternative medicine is an area many practitioners in the holistic arts pursue. Energy medicine courses provide professionals the techniques and opportunities to offer healing remedies to clients. Understanding what is associated with an energy medicine certification program allows you to take the first steps into a holistic healing career field.

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