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Specialists in Gastroenterology Petal MS Diagnose and Treat Stomach and Intestinal Problems

Most people don’t consider what it’s like for people who don’t go to the bathroom regularly. This is such a natural human function to some that not being able to pass a bowel movement isn’t even thought of. But, some people take the time to thank the Lord when they can go without hurting. Constipation can cause hemorrhoids very quickly if a person spends too much time in the bathroom straining. They can be helped by eating the proper foods like prunes that contain fiber, drinking lots of water, and taking products that contain fiber, such as Metamucil.

Heartburn, Hemorrhoids, Hiatal Hernias

Hattiesburg G.I. Associates are Board-Certified physicians who treat patients who have issues with heartburn, hemorrhoids and hiatal hernias. Associates ask that patients “Visit website” of the physicians and the nurse practitioner working with Gastroenterology Petal MS to find out exactly what is wrong. These associates treat people who have ulcers and other problematic areas all through the digestive tract. Patients may decide to see a specialist due to gastric reflux, vomiting, nausea, and pain in the abdomen. Some patients may experience weight loss due to difficulty swallowing.

Various Testing Such as Colonoscopy

Patients requiring a colonoscopy must take laxatives that ensure they have clear and clean intestines so the doctor practicing Gastroenterology Petal MS can see if there are precancerous conditions such as polyps growing in their intestinal system. If there are, the doctor will remove them while performing the test. It’s very important for people to submit to this test to make certain cancer isn’t quietly growing in their intestines since it doesn’t cause any pain at first.

Diarrhea and Stomach Pain

There are many things that can go wrong with the digestive tract. A person in pain every day should make an appointment to see a specialist in their area. Beginning in the mouth and traveling down through the body a lot can happen. Some people seriously consider each meal they eat to make sure it’s a meal they can easily digest and that won’t make them sick right now or in the morning. Diarrhea, constipation and stomach pain should be looked into by a knowledgeable physician who will run the proper tests and then make a diagnosis.

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