Special Animal Hospital Services

by | Nov 16, 2016 | Animal Health

Many animal hospitals offer the most basic services, such as: emergency services, routine exams, microchips, and vaccines. While these basic services are important, some hospitals offer more specialized services as well. You can choose a South Loop animal hospital that offers some of these special services.


Some vets will have your pet undergo an ultrasound to either help diagnose your pet, or to see how an existing condition is going. An ultrasound will not harm your pet; the process is the same as when a human has an ultrasound done. Some reasons a vet will perform an ultrasound include: abnormal blood work, for better vision during a surgery, pet pregnancies, look at the health of internal organs and identify lesions, cysts or tumors. If a vet is using an ultrasound during a surgery, it is probably because they are usually a minimally invasive procedure. These types of procedures will usually provide a shorter and easier recovery for your pet. An ultrasound can help the vet get a better view of the area they are operating on.

Nutritional Counseling

Some breeds of certain pets eat more than others, even when they aren’t hungry. These pets usually need to be placed onto a certain food with a very strict diet to maintain a proper weight and optimal health. A dietician for your pet can help you find the best food to give your pet, and help you determine the amount of food your pet should receive in a day. If you follow a proper diet and keep your pet within their optimal weight range, they can remain healthier. Some pets require a very specific food that can only be acquired with a prescription. Many hospitals will also sell these specific types of food. While these prescription foods can be more expensive sometimes, keeping your pet healthy is the most important thing.

A good choice for a South Loop animal hospital is the Metropolitan Veterinary Center. You can find hours of operation and the location at website.

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