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Skin Cancer Treatment in San Antonio : Types and Signs of Skin Cancer

The exact reason people develop skin cancer is not known. However, it is believed that cancer cells appear from the upper layers of the skin. The growth of these cells is controlled by certain factors in the skin. The uncontrolled growth of these cells leads to the formation of tumors. Like other types of cancer, skin cancer is easily treatable, especially when caught in the early stages. Here are some of the things you need to know about skin cancer treatment in San Antonio.

The Types of Skin Cancer

* Basal cell carcinoma:

This is the most common cancer type in humans. Research indicates that over one million cases of this type of skin cancer are diagnosed in the country each year. There are three different sub-categories to this type of cancer. These are the superficial type, nodular form and the morphea form. The third one is quite challenging to treat because the tumors often grow to the surrounding tissue.

* Squamous cell Carcinoma:

This accounts for about a fifth of all cancer cases that are diagnosed in the country. This cancer is common in people whose immune system has been suppressed in some way. The cancer is easy to treat because it has very minimal size of spreading. However, there are times when the tumors can act in an aggressive way, and even metastasize, leading to death.

* Melanoma and Merkel cell carcinoma :

These are among the less common types of skin cancer. They are also easy to treat when discovered early enough.

Signs of Skin Cancer

* Most of the time, skin cancer becomes a complicated issue because early signs are few and not easy to spot. However, there are certain types of cancer that have obvious signs.

* Sores that will not heal presenting themselves on the skin.

* A slowly growing bump on the skin that bleeds after a minor trauma.

The Diagnosis of Skin Cancer

As soon as you notice a growth that seems malicious on the skin, you should try and get a diagnosis. This can be done through a skin biopsy. A part of the tumor will be cut off and examined by a pathologist. If it tests positive, skin cancer treatment in San Antonio. will start.

It is possible to get skin cancer treatment in San Antonio if you notice cancer developing. Go to Limmer Dermatology to learn about the cancer treatment options that Dr. Byron Limmer provides.

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