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Senior Independent Living Communities Offer Many Resident Options

If your elderly loved one is unable to take care of his or her own home anymore, then he or she should consider senior independent living in Fairfax, VA. Senior communities offer options and services for those who are independent as well as for those who have certain limitations. Here are some services and living options your loved one may enjoy while residing in a senior living community.

Physical Therapy

If the aging adult has certain medical conditions such as arthritis or if he or she is recovering from hip surgery, then the individual may benefit from physical therapy services. If you are considering senior independent living in Fairfax, VA, for your loved one, then you should talk to the admissions coordinator or the administrator of the senior community.

Physical therapy helps improve balance, relieves joint pain, promotes circulation, and may even help your senior loved one sleep better at night. It may also help the elderly individual gain more independence so that he or she can perform his or her activities of daily living without assistance.

Memory Care

If your elderly loved one is still relatively independent but has mild memory problems, then the senior living community’s memory care services may be beneficial. The memory care staff develops a calendar of events that help boost memory and recall. In addition to boosting memory and recall, the events and activities are fun, engaging, and promote social interaction.

To learn more about senior independent living communities, call The Virginian Retirement Community or visit the website at

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