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San Francisco Women Trying to Have a Baby Should Try Ovulation Predictors

Sometimes infertility issues aren’t what they seem. If you live in the San Francisco area and have had trouble conceiving, it may not be because your eggs are bad or your reproductive organs aren’t working. It may just be that your ovulation is a little off. If your OB/GYN has ruled out most physical issues that would prevent conception, it may be time to consider a test for ovulation in San Francisco, CA fertility clinic. An ovulation test accomplishes at least two things.

Ovulation Tests Predict Next Ovulation Cycle

You could have completely regular menstrual cycles, but your ovulation may be way off. It is not unheard of to have one or both ovaries fail to produce an egg when they are supposed to. You go through life with normal menstrual cycles completely unaware of the fact that you are not creating and expelling eggs with your periods. Performing a test for ovulation in San Francisco, CA’s premier fertility clinic will help determine and predict when your next ovulation cycle occurs.

Discover Irregularities in Ovulation

Another thing that an ovulation test in the clinic can confirm is that you have irregularities in ovulation. An inability to conceive may be the result of egg release. Some women discover that they ovulate less than once a year! Others may only be able to conceive in months where a fully functioning ovary releases an egg. It may even be possible that only one ovary produces eggs, creating even fewer opportunities in a year to conceive. To find out more, contact Laurel Fertility Care-San Francisco via

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