Rejuvenating Body Waxing in New Canaan CT: Discover the Benefits

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Medical Spa

Self-care is work. Removing body hair is even more work. Using hair removal methods, such as shaving can cause skin irritation and results won’t last long. Waxing will eliminate most of your hair removal woes and benefit your skin. Why Choose Wax Over Other Forms of Hair Removal Waxing is more beneficial to the body than any other form of hair removal. It’s the most natural and efficient solution to everyday hair removal needs.

Click here to learn more about body waxing in New Canaan CT. With waxing, your hair will take longer to grow back and return much thinner and lighter than before. Unlike shaving, waxing pulls the hair follicle out directly from the root, disrupting its cycle. Shaving only cuts the hair. The cut is often blunt, causing the hairs to appear thicker and coarser. It also grows back so quickly because the hair is simply waiting right by the surface of your skin, ready to be pushed up by more growth. Waxing will leave you feeling smooth for weeks because unlike shaving it doesn’t stimulate hair growth; it actually deters it. Waxing also leaves the skin feeling and looking smoother.

Even when the hair begins to grow back, you won’t experience that rough, dark stubble that appears 2 to 3 days after shaving. When hair is pulled from its root it takes time for it to grow a new hair follicle and even longer to grow above the skin surface. Your skin will also noticeably feel smoother because waxing also works as an exfoliant. When you rip out the hairs, you’re also ripping off a layer of dead skin, revealing healthy rejuvenated skin underneath. Best Professional Body Waxing In New Canaan CT here’s a common misconception that waxing is painful. However, if it’s done right, it can be a quick painless process.

If you’re interested in getting a wax for the first time or are just in need of a quality professional wax, visit the New Beauty and Wellness spa. They offer waxes, tanning and other medical and holistic wellness treatments. Their waxes are 98 percent natural, packed with milk proteins, vitamins and mineral to help hydrate and rejuvenate skin. Visit New Beauty and Wellness spa and expect to receive quality care and treatment done by an experienced and highly skilled expert. Waxing can be a comforting, beneficial experience in the hands of a caring skilled professional.

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