Rehabilitative Living: Helping a Loved One Live Independently in Minnesota

by | Dec 23, 2022 | Mental Health Service

Has your loved one been injured or disabled through an accident, substance abuse, or mental illness? Are you looking for supportive living apartments in Burnsville to help them live independently despite their difficulties? Here are just a few tips.

Consider Their Needs

There are different levels of “independent,” especially after something like a traumatic brain injury. They might need to live in a structured community with medical personnel on staff. They might be able to live in their own apartment as long as someone’s checking up on them regularly. Think about the amount of day-to-day support that they’ll actually require.

Prepare for Emergencies

This is especially important if your loved one is struggling with addiction. You never know when you might walk into a worst-case scenario and when you might need special skills to help them. If you learn how to use a naloxone kit, for example, you might be able to save your life after an overdose. You’ll still need to call 911, but you’ll increase their chances of survival while you wait for the ambulance.

Ask the Experts

If you’re overwhelmed by the decisions in front of you, it’s okay to ask for help. There are many groups, specialists, and general resources that can walk you through things like supportive living apartments in Burnsville. Just pick up the phone.

For additional information about supporting a loved one during a difficult time, reach out to Options Residential Inc. They can help you find housing, prepare for emergency scenarios, learn how to use a naloxone kit, and more.

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