Reasons To Have IVF Young

by | May 31, 2019 | Health

IVF can be done at any age. However, if you are a young woman who is struggling with fertility issues, then it is best to get this procedure done sooner rather than later. There are several benefits that you can reap from seeing a IVF doctor Jacksonville FL.

IVF is More Successful Than Intrauterine Insemination

Intrauterine insemination is usually one of the first treatments that women use when they have trouble conceiving. However, IVF actually has a higher success rate. The success rate for women who take Clomid and use intrauterine insemination is usually less than 12 percent per cycle.

Women who are under the age of 35 typically have a IVF success rate of 30 to 50 percent.

Your Egg Supply

If you want to use your own eggs for IVF, then it is definitely best for you to get this procedure done while you are young. Women only have a limited supply of eggs. Not only do you have more eggs while you are young but your eggs are better quality.

Twins Less Likely

Multiple embryos are often implanted during a IVF cycle. That is why many women who get IVF often end up with twins. While many people prefer to have two babies at once, twin pregnancies are more risky. You will be less likely to have twins if you get IVF before the age of 35. The doctor may only need to implant one embryo if you are under the age of 35.

Save Money

IVF is expensive at any age. However, you will be able to save money if you have it done at a younger age. IVF is often more expensive for older women because they usually have to get more than one cycle.

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